NBA 2K21 – Did You Vote For Your Affiliation Mayor?

NBA 2K21 introduced a new concept in The City, the Neighborhood revamp for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. We are talking about mayors. These are not NPCs. They are real players. Let’s find out more about them. One of the most asked questions about this title is how does one become mayor. First of all, you need to know that The City has four mayors. Each mayor represents an affiliation. The mayor changes once every six weeks. The first four mayors were chosen by the game officials. They are well-known NBA 2K21 players. The next choice is in the community’s hands. Players get to vote in the game and choose who should represent their affiliation. The election will last for a week. Each event brings something new. Players can also get I Voted themed merchandise to let others know that they’ve cast their votes. We’ve seen how the mayors are elected, now let’s see what are their duties.

Being a mayor comes with a responsibility, but unlike in the real world, NBA 2K21 mayors get to have a lot of fun. They make videos for their affiliation. You can watch the videos on the jumbotrons in The City. These are found in the court zones. The mayors create videos that inspire the players in that affiliation. As you know, the affiliations are competing with each other. These videos encourage players to be on top of their game. Creating playlists is another mayoral duty. The playlists will feature tracks hand-picked by the mayors themselves. Each affiliation has its own territory. You can expect to hear the songs as you enter the court areas that are part of that zone. Having community-designed soundtracks is a great idea. It makes The City more vibrant and players will get a taste of their mayor’s music preferences. Mayors will also design the courts. If the affiliation the mayor is representing is victorious, the mayor has the exciting duty to customize the courts in their territory. Mayors can also pick the mural design for the courts in their area. The last duty on a mayor’s list is to select the uniforms the players of that affiliation wear when they compete against other affiliations during the events known as Rival Days. A good mayor listens to the community that it’s representing. The City features a system that allows mayors to create polls and the players to send messages to their mayors. What do you think of this feature? If you need cheap NBA 2K21 MT coins to help you get more players, don’t forget to check out Mtstacks.com. We have fast deliveries and great prices!


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