How to set up a kiteboard:

Setting up a twin tip board can be intimidating for many beginners. Setting up the board is actually very straightforward when compared to other types of surf boards but it’s important to consider the most crucial components and have the right tools available.

The good news about setting up a kite board is all you’ll need is a star tip screwdriver. Most of these boards have components that can be set up easily with those tools. Most of these boards come with four foot straps and then a handle along the center of the board. Some boards also have adjustments for slippers and handles depending on the setup that they have in place for a default. If you ever need a change at the fins, you just need to remove the nuts and slide in the new fin underneath.

Make sure that you are making note of the same shape and the position of the fins. It’s often a common set up mistake for many people to place their fins in backwards after a set up. The highest point of the fin needs to be at the tip of the board and the other side should face the base. Installing the fins incorrectly will have your board giving a resistance unless you ride it backwards.

Insert alignment is another big concern when setting up a board for the first time. Many boards have this along the center or an offset that can help you change the foot strap angle. Finding the right angle for your foot strap to make it easier to get up on the board and it leads to a comfy ride during long sessions. There are several different stance options and it’s really a personal choice as to how you would like to set this up.

The basics of setting up any kiteboard will always mean checking in on the stance, making sure that the fins are in good position and in good working order and checking on the straps to make sure that they are lined up and ready for use as well.

Consider these top setup tips for your board.

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