Keg of Nails Football Game Between the University of Cincinnati Bearcats & University of Louisville

This Keg of Nails is the name of the annual gridiron game that pits University of Cincinnati Bearcats against the University of Louisville Cardinals in the football game that goes all the way from 1929. Its name Keg of Nails game is an abbreviation of that of travelling trophy presented to winners this annual competition. It is not surprising to learn that it is well-known Keg of Nails trophy.

The origins for the Keg of Nails moniker is a bit hazy however, rumor suggests that this snarky name was invented by fraternity brothers from both the University of Cincinnati and the University of Louisville decades ago. According to legend, the barrel or keg of nails was utilized as an object of pride among fraternities on opposing campuses to indicate that the winner of the prize was “tough as nails.” In essence, the”keg of nails” was an actual representation of the quality of the person who said, “Our football team is as tough as nails.”

It was never a real storage keg for nails, and there weren’t any nails in it. The first version of trophy which was traded among fraternity homes was a copy from a wooden container that was used to store nails. It was diminuted in size to meet the purpose of transportation and storage.

The concept behind a travel trophy is that the person who wins the event receives the trophy under the condition that should the two teams meet again, the right to keep the trophy be at stake. If the trophy holder who is the defending champion is defeated in the following game, the trophy is handed over to the winner of the latest game. If the trophy holder repeats a win, they will retain possession of the trophy and are guaranteed that the trophy as well as the bragging rights that come with it remain on their campus until the next game.

The original trophy which was carried from both the University of Louisville and the University of Cincinnati for years was stolen a few years back from University of Louisville. University of Louisville. In order to avoid causing controversy over the lost trophy, the University of Louisville live score terlengkap was able to find a replacement and the annual match was played on without a hit. There is a chance that an award might become lost through time is a risk that organizations take when they sign an agreement to compete for a prize that is not fixed.

It is believed that the University of Cincinnati and the University of Louisville have played against each other 49 times between 1929 and. They have played every year since 1996. University of Cincinnati currently has the lead in the series by an average of 28-20-1.

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