Boxing Vs. Weight Lifting for Fat Loss

Both weight lifting and boxing are closely related in that they are both workouts strongly associated with masculine attitudes. The similarities end there. They use different training plans, exercises, and training methods to reach different fitness goals. Which method works best for fat loss depends on the effects it has on your body.

Boxing is a sport that involves training to be ready for a fight in a ring. Many boxing practitioners attend classes for the self-defense and fitness benefits. One hour of boxing training is typical. It includes sparring, practice drills, and resistance training. There may also be some stretching or instruction. While competitive fighters attend classes five to six times per week, hobby boxers only go once or twice a week.

Although weight lifting is about strength, bodybuilders might also be concerned with appearance aspects like size and definition. An athlete will do a series of exercises that involves lifting heavy weights in order to build strength and endurance. Sessions can be focused on one area or the entire body. A weight lifting program might include two to five sessions or four to five more specialized workouts.

When you have a negative calorie balance, your body burns fat. Your body must get more energy from somewhere if you consume more calories than you burn. It does this by burning fat calories that it has stored previously. You can lose weight and fat when your body has access to that fat energy. When it comes to burning body fat, the most important thing is how many calories a workout burns.

According to NutriStrategy (a health resource website), a person weighing 155 lbs will burn between 200-500 calories an hour weight lifting depending on how intense he does his exercises. Boxing training sessions, which include equal amounts of all the activities, can burn between 500 and 600 calories. This standard shows that boxing training is more effective in fat loss than weight training.

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