The Top 5 Angler Kayaks

Since the days when they were considered to be close to rubber dinghies, fishing kayaks have come a long way and so not all that useful. Today, though, kayaks are deemed one of the world’s best vessels with significantly improved construction methods and vastly improved efficiency and stability.

With so many different types of angler kayaks available today, the modern kayaks can be selectively graded as per an individual’s specifications depending on the type of angling one does. Nonetheless, all kayaks should have some basic requirements whilst the distinctions may be dependent on weight, height, efficiency, capability and quality. Below is a compilation of the 5 best angler kayaks rated by experts: Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 Angler-Supposed to be one of the first to be designed for fishing and is still first on a kayak fly fishing chart. This kayak is swift and has plenty of storage space consisting of a tray and a rod pod mounting system that allows to get the rod pod when sitting on the kayak. The Prowler 15 Angler also features a large center console that opens up to the floor, foot wells that are designed for long legs and a wider than normal seat with comfortable seat back. One interesting feature is the Sonar shield below the bow to allow available electronics.

Torque Angler Fishing Kayak-Built for variable speed regulation and vice versa, the Torque Angler is built to provide hands-free trolling for anglers. Has an extra large rudder for improved control, and all-day foot pegs for comfort. It also comes with a large bow hatch with a fishing attachment area, and a removable skeg for better tracking when the motor is not in use. The other characteristics of the Torque Angler fishing kayak are the scupper hole compatible with the transducer, a spot to hold the paddle and a very spacious back seat to support you catch the whole day.

Prowler Trident 11th Angler-The Prowler trident 11th Angler is just the thing for anglers who need plenty to navigate while driving a long distance looking for plentiful fish spots. A flexible feet braces are designed to fit most foot lengths while the wide tank, broad window, and comfortable cockpit helps you to float easily in either slow moving rivers or Medium Ocean swells.

Airis Angler-The Airis Angler is an inflatable fishing kayak that, at first sight, most fishermen might not find. Nonetheless, the Airis is fitted with every feasible option imaginable for a long day of fishing and being inflatable, is small enough to be packed and brought to the remotest spot on Earth to get to those impossible areas where fish thrive.

The Ascent FS12 T Sit on top Kayak-This sit on top angler kayak is designed to give the best value for money; is safe and easy, constructed of polyethylene with high density. It has a large open cockpit, 5 foot rest places, and an adjustable bench. The hull built for the machine provides low resistance and outstanding lateral stability. It also includes threaded, secured drain plug, several drain openings, and dual flush mount rod holders.

Seeing that there are so many choices to choose from for the fishing enthusiast, it is always better to choose a kayak that suits your needs. Comparing the different types of angler kayaks available on the internet should not make it difficult to pick one that will be in line with the angler’s lifestyle and budget.

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